From Jung's "Red Book"

From Jung’s “Red Book”

The Zozimos is a pool of musicians that come together in various formations depending on the demands of a given concert to perform the works of composer and tubist, Ben Stapp.

The name comes from Zosimos of Panapolis, a 3rd century alchemist. The analogy of alchemy to music has always struck a chord with me. In order to compose music, I must come to terms with fascination of the science of music (the building blocks of music) and the unknown element that draws me to make certain musical decisions.  Finding a balance between theory and visceral affect in music has always captivated my attention as a composer.


Awards and Selected Venues

Jerome/Roulette Commission 2014 for Myrrha’s Red Book

38th Annual Duke Ellington Jazz Festival – Bob Stewart Tuba Competition, 1st place – Quintet

Roulette – 2011 Large Ensemble Commission – Winner – 10tet (brass and electronics)

The Tea Lounge – Large Ensemble

The Stone – Brass Sextet, Quintet

Cornelia Street Cafe – Quartet